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In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, not every company, school/university and healthcare facility can have an in-house task force dedicated to learning about new, more sophisticated risks and implementing greater solutions to bolster cybersecurity and data privacy. ComplyZoom is up to the task, ready to guide you along the path to both compliance and worry-free cybersecurity! That’s why we started and that’s why we’re here.

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Dedicated to Helping You Make ROI-Driven Decisions

Our team of expert cybersecurity consultants has great experience in the field, so we can easily identify when a company isn’t making the most of its cybersecurity budget. We know exactly where to find knowledge and digital protection gaps. We know how to explain your options and add clarity when it comes to your privacy systems. ComplyZoom is in the business of simple compliance – but we’re also here to save you money and ensure your budget is working for you!

Why a Three-Tiered System?

We’re not naive enough to think that every company needs (and can afford) the high-end level of service we offer in our Cyber Resilience package. ComplyZoom understands that each company has its own unique needs (some far greater than others, some lesser), so we have designed our three consulting packages to speak to each level of client. If you’re a startup with a team of two, the Hx FastTrack package is there to get you compliant quickly. The Hx Rescue & Comply package was designed with the growing business in mind. And the Hx Platinum package was created to ensure you’re protected from threats outside of basic compliance. Each tier offers something different, but they all grant peace of mind! View Each of Our Solutions

An Affiliate of HIPAAEx

ComplyZoom is the sister company of HIPAAEx, the complete HIPAA compliance consulting partner for small healthcare practices. From HIPAA risk assessments, to Business Associate Management, to Transaction Due Diligence and beyond, HIPAAEx takes a HIPAA-first approach to compliance and cybersecurity protections.


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